Paramedics Chiefs of Canada

January 2021 — 4 weeks

Paramedic Chiefs for Canada are responsible for paramedic services across Canada. The core of the message they want to project is that paramedicine is healthcare (as opposed to public safety for example), is integrated into the larger healthcare system (e.g., to be viewed as enacting the Health Canada Act light any other health profession) and to do that while partnering across health sectors/groups (e.g., with emergency care, primary care, mental health experts, scientists, etc.)

Logo Specifications 

  • Avoid stereotypical ambulance logos
  • 10 principles included in the logo as symbols:
  • Patient and Communities First
  • Healthcare Along with Health and Social Continuum
  • Integrated Healthcare Framework: Partnering Across Sectors
  • Socially Responsive
  • Professional Autonomy
  • Healthy Professionals
  • Quality-Based Framework
  • Intelligent Access to and Distribution of Services
  • Continuous Learning Environment
  • Evidence-Informed Practice System