UofT Robarts Sticker Sheet

Have you ever wondered what that gigantic structure on campus really resembles?





With this set of stickers, that brutalist structure can go from being a turkey to some fries or even an egg!

These small stickers are perfect for decorating your laptop, water bottle, or notebooks!

The sheet itself is 4×6” and each sticker is 1.2” wide and 1.3” tall.


  • OG: Can anything beat the original?
  • True Robarts: If only this brutalist structure was actually as majestic as this bird.
  • Thank Robarts: Be thankful for this amazing resource on campus!
  • Dan: The new library system at UofT is egg-cellent!
  • McRobarts: Move aside, Northrop Frye – the real McD’s is at Robarts.
  • “That” bowl: Iconic.
  • Birdopolitan: I scream, you scream, are we really screaming because of ice cream?
  • Takeout: One experience at Robarts will take you out for a good day or two.